What Is Wrong With Us?

Wonderment and surprise turn naturally to resignation as the results of the November 2006 elections are tallied and the Democrats win strongly across the country. Hope lives on as Republicans have worked well in the past as a minor party, keeping the Democrats on their toes to an adaquate extent at least. Then hope turns surprise and disgust as the leadership of the Republican party in Washington appears to lose its head, with members siding with disengagement and isolationist ideologies of the left. Not only are these ideas wrong-headed and without merit, they are deadly, for us and all our allies and ours and their children.

How many 9/11’s will need to occur after we’ve left Iraq before we regret our decision? How many innocents lives will be sacrificed at the altar of partisan pride and spineless survivalism. It was not four short months ago that the Democrats were avidly supporting the idea of sending massive amounts of troops into Iraq, they were the prime adherents of the idea that the necessary strategy for victory required boosting the number of soldiers on the front line. Now it is merely the fact that President Bush has accepted their idea and made it his own belief that requires the basely partisan Democrats to shift and turn 180 degrees calling for immediate and complete troop withdrawals while the poltroons in the Republican party yap along after them like so many toy poodles following their masters down the block.

It is time that those who despise that animating contest of freedom be left in the trash heap of history to be forgotten by all who call freedom their own. Any leader anywhere who does not support the defeat, eradication, and complete anhiliation of those who would destroy our way of life and that of our allies and all our children must be sent down in flames. There is no room for compromise with an uncompromising enemy. Our lives are at stake.

2 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Us?”

  1. First of all…hi. : ) Cool place! Second of all, I wish things were as simple as right and left, I really do. And while the poster below has some good points, it doesn’t always pay to have a title after your name and an “official” job. Yes, there is more to this war than meets the eye. And yes, there is stuff going on in this country that would give you chills. As far as our goverment being “the evil crusader”, well…our “government” as we see it is a sham. There is a much bigger, badder, power behing the scenes, and not just over us, but the whole world. Our “government” doesn’t make a move without permission. Of course, this is my opinion, and I strongly suggest you do some reaserch on your own (esp. on the Illuminati, Rothschild family, etc.) I’m not telling you this because I’m an expert, or to make you look bad, but because God has allowed some things to be revealed to me. And always keep in mind that the REAL battle is not over oil or money, but power and the souls of men. God bless!

  2. While the Republicans may be better than the Dems, that isn’t say much! Todays Reps are no different then last generations’ Dems; todays Dems might just as well be yesterdays’ communists. I’m tired of this two party system, I wish there were more options. But its up to the sheeple! But as sure as I’m sitting here, we will be hit again and again until we wake up and address the true problem.

    As for the war in Iraq… I am loosing faith in Americas’ will to win anything anymore. Considering the spineless and PC nature of our politicians to look good to the world who can’t hold a damn candle to America; we have already lost the battle. America I think for now has lost the vision. However, there will always been the minority populous and the military who has the eye on the ball. This war is first and foremost a war on radical Islam. And even if 1% of Islam is radical, then they already have an army of over a million. This is a war of worldviews. Iraq is merely a focus point.

    This “war” will not be done and over with Iraq, no, it will go on probably for a couple hundred years; being on and off. The radicals have no reason to just quit, for they are in it for the long run. They HATE us and there is not convincing them otherwise. These sects have bred hate for hundreds of years. They only respect POWER and FORCE, so I say give it to them in spades and put the fear of God or Allah into them. Keep in mind I am only speaking of the radicals and not the reformed muslims who do indeed want peace. The muslim community should also police itself and weed out the hate.

    Its very complex but I can say for now that we can ONLY begin to win this war once we call it for it is, a war on radical Islam, and then identify the problems within and without and address them with unity and courage and not fear for that is only empowering the terrorist.

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