Concise Yet Cogent, And Still Wrong

So a friend and I were looking through the video store isles seeking some randomness to fill an otherwise uneventful evening (no it really wasn’t that bad) and we see several films with the little laurel branches with listings of awards this and that film have won, primarily in Europe, such as Cannes and so forth. We notice most of these films are rated R, and usually for sex, graphic sex, among other things. So we mull this fact over in our minds and together come to a truism. Europe, as a society, has ceased to create, has ceased to lead, has ceased to grow. We see Europe specializing in artifacts (things done by ancient Europeans, back when they actually led), and art (which, because they are incapable of leading and creating is just barely-better-than-playboy porn). You see Europe has always had more expressive languages, generally speaking, than this dry tongue we speak, the American form of English. As such, they can use fewer, smaller words which have much richer meaning.

We Americans take four letters and call it “porn”, but the Europeans, with their expressive language, can say it in only three: “art”.

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