Making The Grandiose Human

The Nativity Story is a wonderful, powerful, yet so human retelling of the the story we all know so well. The best part of this film is that it tells the stories of Joseph and Mary in such a way that we see their humanity (for me this was a first). I’ve always known that they were ordinary people, but I’ve never really been able to see this in my minds eye. But here are two newlywed people facing the disapproving stares of a community because it would have been no secret that Mary was pregnant before she and Joseph were supposed to have been together. This truth alone gives such depth and dimension to the story that I nearly cried at the birthing scene of Jesus. The film is accurate with only time compressions which do not affect the efficacy of the story. Not suitable for the very young because those were not easy times and Herod did order the death of hundreds of innocent children, but still tasteful and by no means a ‘bloodfest’. I will be purchasing this movie when it is released and it will likely become a regular holiday tradition.

On another note, if you want Hollywood to make more films like this, see it in the theatre. We complain at the trash coming out of Hollywood, but we are at a powerful moment. The Passion of the Christ made large amounts of money, but it was an independent studio. The Nativity Story is the first major-studio biblically-accurate production since the 60s. If it makes lots of money, the studios will see this. Idealogical or not, the studios are not dummies when it comes to money. Even if they don’t agree with the content, they will make more good movies if they see this one as successful for them.


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