The Name’s Derci, Ariva Derci

Casino Royale is a gritty film with a bit more life than recent Bond films. This film apparently falls near the beginning of the Bond saga and tells of Bonds early days before and immediately following his receiving 007 status. There is much less gadgetry and the resulting action is more authentic for it. The classic Aston Martin Bond car is driven on screen for only a few moments before, well, that would be a spoiler. Suffice it to say, this is a very believable film as far as action goes.

This film also delves into who Bond is as a person. He has one supreme relationship in this film and he, well, that would be a spoiler too. There are the customary bedroom scenes but these are nothing more than a PG-13 film, with lots of kissing and a bit of off-screen bed-sheet pulling. I have only seen the Pierce Brosnan Bond films prior to this and I found this one deeper, richer and more enjoyable, even if it did not have quite as much “flash”. There’s still plenty of killing and maiming in creative ways, and the directors even made poker look enjoyable, which they had to considering that’s about half the movie.

Towards the end, there is quite a lull in the customary non-stop action, but this also serves to frame the final scenes and make it that much more, erm…, interesting shall have to be the word as most other adjectives might be used to deduce the eventual result.

Anyways, this is a recommend, with caution for younger peoples. If you like Bond, this is a good Bond. If you like action, there’s that in spades. And even if you’re a bit of a romantic, this has a classic romance woven throughout. So enjoy.

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