Frozen Toes

Happy Feet is a wonderful movie which brought the whole audience to laughter several times during the showing I attended. The animation was incredibly life-like and well executed making it easy to believe those are real penguins you see singing and dancing. Technically it was quite an achievement and I’m now looking forward with much anticipation to my copy of Computer Graphics World where they will no doubt delve into the machinations necessary to produce such a result. But beyond the eye candy the story, the songs, the scenes, the whole movie is very enjoyable.

Note: There are a few minutes of “save the world” propaganda towards the end and the whole major premise of the movie does involve a slight twist of eco-freakishness. However, it’s easy to ignore for the most part and the ride is still very enjoyable. Suitable for all but the youngest of children (there are a few tense moments involving seals and killer wales, but even these are no worse than similar Pixar productions), and enjoyable to adults. I had a hard time keeping my feet still and not bursting into song myself, but I restrained myself and my fellow theatre-goers do not know from what terror they’ve been saved. And one of my group, a relatively jaded young man, admitted that even he enjoyed the film.

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