I Hated Will Ferrell

Yes, I did, not for lack of trying to find something redeeming in his movies. He’s just soooo Will Ferrell. I couldn’t see his characters because he’s just sooo Will Ferrell. I couldn’t enjoy his humor because it was sooo Will Ferrell. I know he’s a smart guy and if he decided to act like someone besides Will Ferrell, which by the way for all you groupies out there is kinda the whole reason for acting, he’d do one heck of a job. His last fare that I saw, Talladega Nights was supposed to be funny for the fun it made of all things southern and NASCAR, but it wasn’t. I felt kinda dirty after that movie, for forcing myself to chortle a little at that dumb humor. It wasn’t even that dirty, just dumb. If you want smart humor that makes fun of something, see Team America, but then again, I can’t in good conscience recommend that one either for the things they make puppets do. So don’t go see Team America, but just know that they show how you make fun of things without being dumb, like Will Ferrell.

That disclaimer aside, I wanted to like Will Ferrell, and so when I saw previews for his new movie Stranger Than Fiction retained hope that he’d not butcher what looked to be a very interesting and intriguing film. And so, with some misgivings I settled in at the local cinemark to view what could have been another Ferrell Flub. And I loved him. Well, not totally, don’t ask me why but his eyes always seemed kinda dead to me, and while in this film they’re not so dead, there were just a few too many close ups of Ferrell’s Eyes. Anyway, Ferrell was not Ferrell in this movie, he was Harold, this complete nerd of a Tax Man who leads a pointless life of quiet desperation. And then someone or something (is it the toothbrush that’s narrating my every action, he asks himself?) steps into his life and through series of events plausible only because Ferrell, who you can believe as Harold, makes himself seem so normal and every-guy, breaks from his shell.

I’m not giving anything away, all that’s in the preview. I enjoyed this film. It’s relatively clean, but children will just not find it interesting in the way adults will and the other adults in the theatre will be very upset at you for bringing the writhing wiggle worm who insists on asking you what’s so funny. The audience at my showing laughed out loud several times, but it’s far from a comedy. So yes, I can now say I enjoyed a Harold, I mean, Ferrell movie.

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